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Vortex Energy Podcast

Vortex Energy Podcast is a lifestyle show where Grandmother Sue Christiansen and Barbara Longue interview people who are looking to understand their path to enlightenment and fulfillment. Awakening to the new energies on this planet and beyond. Each episode contains information that can help YOU be the most you can be today.

We'll be exploring all types of ways to be healthier; mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritual

Jan 9, 2020

This quick meditation is to open up the song lines on the planet and allow the heartbeat of Mother Gaia to flow smoothly and easily throughout the whole planet.

Beginning in Ululu & Kata Juta, the solar plexus of the Earth, and extending through all of the song lines around the planet.

Allowing the roots of the trees, the animals, the water and the earth to flow energetically above and below the ground.


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